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Backgammon Sets

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Backgammon is a game of strategy and luck that has been played for hundreds of years. The rules of the game are fairly simple and involve the transferring of pieces from their starting position to their ultimate destination through a series of dice roles and carefully planned moves while attempting to stop the opposing player from reaching their goal. Luck does play a factor, but, as any expert knows, the key to becoming proficient at the game is learning to maximize the strategy and minimize the luck needed to emerge victorious.

Backgammon sets come in a wide variety of styles to suit the needs of the novice or the expert, and backgammon enthusiasts can shop with confidence knowing JDS carries sets of the highest quality that are delivered quickly and in perfect condition!

Some of the styles include:

Magnetic Travel Backgammon Sets - A small, magnetic backgammon board that folds up for easy transport is ideal for taking the game of backgammon out onto the road. Even while playing in the back of a moving vehicle, players need not worry about losing pieces as they will adhere right to the board. For those that prefer a more traditional feel to their board, travel sets are available made entirely from wood that are small and compact enough to go anywhere.

Traditional Backgammon Boards - Beautiful traditional boards made from a variety of woods such as Birchwood and Alder provide a timeless addition to any game room. Not only are these boards made to be played on, they can also serve as an attractive compliment to any room the board is kept in.

Leather Backgammon Sets - For a striking visual design, some players may be drawn to backgammon boards made from leather or leatherette and inlayed with felt to provide a stunning black and white color scheme that brings a more modern edge to the game. These contemporary designs bring to mind a modern casino setting and many players will find this type of board matches their personal aesthetic perfectly.

Luxury Backgammon Boards - The ultimate in craftsmanship and design, these boards are made from the finest woods and feature gorgeous inlays of Walnut and Ebony to create a piece that is as artistic as it is usable. For the serious backgammon enthusiast that can appreciate the finest in design, these boards are the absolute ideal for a lifetime of play and enjoyment.

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