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Chess Sets

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The game of chess has long been a favorite among strategy enthusiasts. This war game pits two opposing sides against each other in a winner take all battle full of feints, attacks, defensive maneuvers and eventual domination. The complex strategies and devious moves available make every game of chess a new and exciting contest of wits that has been studied and analyzed by experts for decades. The basic move set is not overly difficult to learn, but mastering this game is something that can take a lifetime to accomplish.

Chess lovers that want to bring the game home or on the road need look no further than the JDS superior line of chess boards. JDS obtains all boards from only the highest quality manufacturers and provides fast delivery right to the home.

Some of the chess boards available include:

Travel Chess Sets For the chess player on the go, nothing is better than having a set that is easily packed up and transported. For some, a slim magnetic case is ideal as they don't have to worry about losing any pieces if playing in an unsteady environment. Others, who may prefer a more traditional board, can find wooden chess boards that can easily fold up for handy storage during travel

Traditional Chess Sets The traditional wooden chessboard with corresponding wooden figures is a piece that brings with it a timeless and natural beauty wherever it is played. These chessboards will serve their owners well for years--even generations--to come.

Special Chess Sets Players can relive famous battles or pit mythological armies against one another with a wide range of sets that pit iconic figures such as the Ancient Greek armies or Egyptian Deities against one another in strategic combat. These gorgeous boards are carefully crafted and hand paints painted and can serve as a fantastic conversation piece to any room.

Modern Chess Sets Eschewing the traditional natural wooden hues, these sets feature glossy and contemporary colours that fit in perfectly with a more contemporary setting. Modern chess boards bring the imagery of chess into the modern age and prove that the timeless quality of game play will never be matched or replaced by anything else.

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