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Blackmore Grandmaster Chess Set

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Product Description

A superb quality chess set that combines the unique Blackmore sheesham chess pieces with a very high quality walnut and maple board. The chessmen have been expertly made from clean grained boxwood and sheesham, a rich Indian wood that is full of stunning golden grains and tones. The design of the chessmen encompasses a very distinctive shank. While the design remains firmly in the Staunton camp the straight shanks have become curved, and visa versa. This makes the rook the most distinctive and original of the set, with an unusual curved body, as opposed to the usual tapered design. The pieces have been weighted in their bases to acquire just the right amount of balance and their proportions make them extremely satisfying to play with.
The board features a lovely satin finish which provides contrast against the polished hardwood chessmen, while retaining complementary tones and grains. A large set that measures almost 24 inches across, it will certainly take pride of place in the home and forms an excellent display piece when not in use.

Features include:
Large 24 inch European made Chess Board
Large, tactile handmade solid wooden chess pieces
Colour matched chess pieces and chess board
Total weight unpackaged - 3.6 kilograms
combination of European Walnut and Indian Sheesham Woods
King height is 4 inches
King's Base Diameter is 1.8 inches
King weight is 56 grams
Board dimensions are 23.6 x 23.6 x 0.6 inches
Board Playing Square diameter is 2.3 inches

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