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Fierce Knight Blue Chess Set

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Product Description

Crafted Italian Blue stained Erable veneer Chess Board with the ever popular Fierce Knight Chessmen & Case. The board measures seventeen Inches in width and is presented in a beautiful gloss finish. The grain of the the erable burl is stunning and contrasts beautifully with the light quilted maple white squares. A thin Ebony border surrounds the squares which compliments the natural polished look of the crafted Staunton pieces. A very enchanting chess set combination built to the highest standards.

Features include
Highly detailed hand crafted solid hardwood chessmen
Includes solid wooden case for chesspeices
Italian made luxury lacquered Chess board
Distinctive chess set that can't fail to impress
Total weight unpackaged - 3.1 Kilograms
King height is 3 inches
King weight is 30 grams
Playing square diameter is 1.6 Board dimensions are 17x17x0.8 inches

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