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16 Inch Olympic Intarsy Folding Chess Set

Retail Price: £50.36  £51.74
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Product Description

High quality medium sized chess set with a nice balance between contemporary and traditional design. Finished from Mahogany and Birchwood, the set features an inlaid board with notation and finished in a satin lacquer. The chess pieces are fashioned in the Staunton style with a European influence. They are non-weighted and have felted bases. A solid and very well made chess set that has been hand crafted in Europe.
Plantation wood used - from a sustainable source in Eastern Europe.

Features Include:
Contemporary styling featuring Alphanumerics
Cabinet finished in satin Lacquer
Constructed from Birchwood and Mahogany
Unpackaged weight is 1.3 kilograms
King height is 3.4 inches
Pawn height is 1.5 inches
Size of cabinent unopened is 15 inches square

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