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Mah Jong Sets

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Mah Jong is a very old game of strategy that originated in China where it is still one of the most popular tabletop games, attracting both amateurs and highly skilled professionals to its many intricacies and strategies.

While many Westerners associate Mah Jong with the single player tile removal game found on many computers, the tabletop game, the "original" is quite different and involves four players competing against one another.

Mah Jong is played with small tiles that each have a pictorial representation showing what value that tile is. A player attempts to form these tiles into different groupings that allows the player to win a particular hand and score points. Certain groupings carry more weight than others and players must decipher how to make the best hand possible with the tiles they start with as well as tiles picked up during the course of play.

Mah Jong is quite a complicated game with dozens of variants and tile sets depending on the type of game played and according to various regional rules. While, for a first timer, Mah Jong can seem a bit overwhelming due largely in part to the sheer amount of tiles and combinations that can be formed with them, the patient player will soon find themselves immersed in an incredibly strategic and compelling game that can provide entertainment for a life time.

Those who are experts of Mah Jong, or those who wish to learn this compelling and unique game, need look no further than JDS to provide a Mah Jong experience of the highest quality. Every set will be delivered right to the recipients address swiftly and will arrive in fantastic condition.

mahjong tiles

Mahjong tiles are of course an essential part of the set. They are often made from resin and feature Chinese symbols or other motifs, although it's not uncommon to see wooden tiles in a mah jong set. Vintage mah jong sets had tiles made from Bakelite, these sets are often sought after as collectable items.

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The best place in the UK to purchase your mah jong set, with a huge selection of high quality sets at great prices and immediate dispatch from UK stock it makes sense to order online today. Mah Jong is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and many are taking to playing online as well as offline. Finding a good selection of sets on the high street is difficult at the best of times, so shopping online is by far the best option when you are looking for a mah jong set for sale in the UK.

mah jong set uk

When you are searching for a mah jong set uk you won't find a better selection than JDS Toys & Games range of high quality Mah Jong sets. All are available from UK stock and ready for immediate dispatch. Mah Jong is becoming increasingly popular in the UK today. It's a great four player game for people to get stuck into with a bottle of wine or two.

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