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Mancala Boards

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Mancala might be one of the oldest games of strategy in the world, with archeological records showing that variations of the game have been played thousands of years ago. This seems to prove that humanity has always appreciated the challenge and fun of a well made game.

Mancala involves two players that have a number of seeds, or stones, that are placed in a series of pits, or pockets, on each player's side of the mancala board at the beginning of the game. There are larger troughs on each end, and players attempt to acquire the most stones in their trough while emptying out their pits through a series of strategic and mathematical maneuvers.

There exists a large amount of variations on the game, each with corresponding strategies and tactics that will enable skillful and intelligent players to emerge victorious. The flexibility of the game allows the simpler modes of play to be played by young children. This can provide an effective, and fun, way for them to bolster their own critical thinking skills.

For most players, the basic ways to play will more than suffice, but for those who wish to branch out, the options and varieties of play are almost endless.

JDS has beautifully crafted Mancala sets to please any player and can deliver those sets right to any doorstep quickly and accurately!

Solid Wood Set Made from high quality bamboo, this Mancala set is solid wood and features colorful and smooth gemstones that combine to make a classic and beautiful way to play this simple yet highly tactical game. Each set comes with a handy rules booklet.

Mini Set The mini Mancala set folds in the middle which is ideal for easy transport and storage while traveling. Like its big brother, the set is solid wood with multi coloured, smooth gemstones and includes a rule booklet.

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