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Poker Sets

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Poker has long been one of the most popular and widely played games of strategy and luck, and comes with so many variants and styles of play that one could play poker for an entire lifetime without mastering them all.

Poker, in whatever form it is played, has endured as one of the most popular games of chance and skill, with games taking place from living rooms to swanky casinos, small town tournaments to multimillion dollar contests that pit the world's best players against one another.

Poker involves players attempting to create combinations of cards that are superior to the other players. Most variations of poker involve players bidding against one another based on the strength, or perceived strength, of their hand. Each hand becomes a contest of wills as players try to determine what the other players have based on how they play. Bluffing becomes an important component to the game, as players can emerge victorious with poor cards by making their opponent think they have a strong hand. The game also appeals to statistical wizards, as the various odds of success based on any given situation can provide a good rule of them for how to proceed with any hand that is dealt.

The sheer intricacy and billions of possible hand combinations in the game make it one that is very difficult to master, though relatively easy to learn the basics of. JDS offers materials for poker players to set up the perfect game with high quality poker items that can be quickly delivered right to the home of any enthusiast!

Professional Grade Chips For a low price, players can purchase high quality, professional grade clay chips. Plastic chips are too light and cheap feeling, but these clay chips have weight and a fantastic feel that will help turn any home table into a casino quality venue.

Poker Set For those that want the entire poker experience in one package, this fantastic offering provides everything needed for almost any variation of play. The set includes 200 professional grade clay chips, two decks of cards, five poker dice and a rules booklet. All these items are compartmentalized inside a beautiful and sturdy wooden box with felt lining that keeps everything organized and secure. Easy to transport, this incredible set allows the incredible game of poker to travel anywhere.

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