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Solitaire Sets

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Solitaire is a single player game of concentration and strategy. A board is arranged with rows of pegs or stones in a pattern with a single empty space. The object of the game is to jump game pieces over one another, eliminating the jumped piece from play. In this way, the player must attempt to eliminate all but one of the pieces from the board. There are several patterns worldwide that make for simpler or more challenging puzzles depending on the layout.

While seemingly simple at first, most players will soon come to the realization that without it is very easy to get stuck with multiple pieces all over the place with no way to remove them from the board. Players must plan their moves carefully to avoid getting pieces stranded or stuck in a corner with nowhere to go. Through patience, thinking several steps ahead and a bit of trial and error, many players will succeed in eliminating the maximum amount of pieces.

While a game of this sort can often get aggravating, the player that keeps their head and doesn't quit will be able to eliminate more and more pieces until they finally find success. This mind-bending game is great for children and adults alike and can provide an entertaining diversion for years to come.

JDS proudly features solid wooden solitaire sets with beautiful marbles and an inlaid trench around the board that holds marbles that have been eliminated from play. These simple, yet gorgeous and high quality pieces will last for as long as it is cared for and can bring the joy of this mentally stimulating game for generations to come. And shoppers can be confident that these exemplary Solitaire boards will arrive in great condition thanks to JDS' superior swift shipping.

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