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Traditional Games

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In this age of video games, many tend to forget about the old time games that enchanted children and provided hours of enjoyment. Those days can come again with JDS' stock of traditional games that can bring these inventive and fun treasures to a new generation.

These games include:

Ludo – A simple game, involving getting one's coloured pieces to their goal before the other players, is presented with a foldable wooden board complete with wooden coloured pieces. The game is easy to learn and easy to play, making it perfect for young children.

Pick-Up Sticks – A timeless classic is presented with 42 colour coded wooden sticks contained inside a closeable, high-quality bamboo tube. The game comes with a rule booklet that allows anyone to quickly learn the rules of this dexterous and suspenseful game.

Mini Games Compendium – Being unsure of which game to pack for a trip or outing is no problem with this portable and high quality gaming compendium. The sturdy wooden box contains backgammon, draughts, chess and ludo. Everything needed for these games comes packed in the box for easy transport and storage.

Tumbling Tower – 60 wooden bricks arranged into a tower 60 cm high provide a challenge as players attempt to remove bricks, one at a time, without knocking over the structure. The game requires calm nerves and a steady hand and this excellent version of the classic game provides building instructions as well as a handy carrying case to transport the durable, yet lightweight, wooden bricks from place to place.

Shut the Box – Shut the Box is a simple game in which two players roll dice and attempt to close off certain numbers based off of their dice rolls. It is an easy to learn, yet captivating game and JDS offers a beautiful wooden version with a soft felt lining.

Wine Bottle Opening Puzzle – This game is not for children, but can provide a great deal of entertainment to adults at parties. The game features a simply constructed, yet deviously difficult to solve puzzle that won't open a wine bottle until it is completed. This is probably best used at the beginning of the evening when guests still have all their wits about them.

Wooden Labyrinth – The classic brain twister, the labyrinth tasks players with attempting to guide a small metal ball through a wooden maze using knobs located on the sides that tilt the floor back and forth. Compounding the difficulty is the existence of several pits waiting to swallow the ball of a player with unsteady hands. The wooden labyrinth is a game that can be frustrating yet utterly addictive and will test the mettle and dexterity of any player.

Another version of the wood labyrinth simply has players guiding three metal balls through a circular labyrinth by holding said labyrinth in the palm of their hands. While it is a easy enough to get the first ball to its destination, the challenge is realized when attempting to get the other balls home without accidentally releasing the already captured ball from its resting place.

Wooden Sudoku – A more recent favorite, Sudoku is a game of deduction and patience as players attempt to fill in several boxes with the correct number sequence. This gorgeously crafted version features a wooden playing field with numbered tiles to set up in the empty spaces, as well as a drawer full of “thinking pieces” that give puzzling players ways to place their guesses and possibilities. A fantastic and unique creation, this high quality wooden board features two magnetically closing drawers on the bottom that keep all the game pieces safe and secure.

No matter what games are purchased, JDS will deliver them quickly and in perfect condition to ensure they can be enjoyed by adults and children alike!

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