Julian Deverell

Business Founder & Owner

Julian set the business up in 2005 after he walked out of his job in the motor trade because his employers refused to give him the day off one Saturday. In hindsight it was the best move he ever made in his career and he’s never looked back.

Julian Deverell
Julian Deverell
Julian Deverell

He began his working life in the late 90s in publishing where he learned the basics of graphic design and photography. He then went on to work in a new business selling Apple computers, in the days before the iPod had even been released. At the time Apple was a niche brand who’s products were the preserve of the creative industry. He left there in 2003 before things got really huge with the brand.

After a short stint working for a failing toy importers in Somerset he moved into the motor trade where he learned (among many things) not to work into the motor trade.

A fairly chequered history of work, but every job gave him another facet of experience that he’s drawn on in the running of his own successful company. In the beginning his e commerce experience amounted to little more than listing things on ebay. The last fifteen years has been a journey of learning and growth and has lead him a place where he’s regarded as a specialist in online retail.

He sometimes offers his expertise and experience to other small companies who are looking to grow in the world of e commerce on a consultancy basis. However this is rare and he prefers to devote his time to his own business interests.

He now lives in Bath with his wife Hannah, his sausage dog and two Bengal cats.

Hobbies: Guitar playing/collecting

Past Hobbies: Skydiving

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Julian is the owner and director of two other businesses: