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Card Games

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Traditional card games are timeless and will undoubtedly be played by mankind far into the future. Without a need for electronic devices, new technology or any flashy accessories, card games provide mental, as well as social, stimulation. Most card games require very little other than the cards themselves and a pad of paper and pen for keeping track of whatever scoring system a particular game employs.

Card games can range from very simple and easy to learn games to fiendishly difficult and complicated games that can take a lifetime to master. The sheer variety of these games, as well as the ubiquity of playing cards around the world, means that anyone looking for a bit of enjoyment with their friends can almost assuredly count on there being some sort of card game readily available that everyone present will enjoy.

JDS offers some kits for some of the more popular card games that makes them easy to play and keeps all the parts of the game neatly organized and easily stored. Customers can shop with the confidence that JDS only carries the highest quality items that will be delivered quickly the the doorstep of the cards game enthusiast.

Bridge Set Bridge is one of the most popular trick taking games in the world and is among the more complex and nuanced card games available. Bridge involves two pairs of players working together against the other couple to obtain the maximum amount of points through several stages of play. The incredible amount of strategy and variety found in a single hand of bridge had ensured its popularity and lasting appeal, and this beautiful set makes for a gorgeous and easy way to start up a game.

The JDS bridge set includes two decks of playing cards, a score keeping pad and pencil and instructions on how to play. All of this is organized and kept in a beautiful wooden case that keeps everything needed for the game in a portable and attractive package.

Cribbage Set Cribbage is a simple to learn card game, usually played with two players, that has players trying to move their pegs along the holes in a cribbage board by scoring points through the many hands that are played. JDS offers a beautiful, foldable wooden cribbage board that features sturdy metal pins. The solid construction ensures the board will serve any cribbage player well for years to come.

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