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Draughts Sets

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Draughts is often thought of us merely as a children's game or a game for old gentlemen to play as they sit together in a park whiling away a lazy afternoon. Despite these associations, draughts remains a favorite game the world over due to the very simple rule set and the ease at which a newcomer can learn the game. Indeed, many may have fond memories of draughts as one of the first strategy games they ever played.

Despite the perceived simplicity of the game, draughts can become very competitive when two similar minds lock against each other. Despite the limited movements available to each piece, each action can completely shift the entire tone of the game, and the sheer amount of possible outcomes can make for some truly complicated and exciting matches. Players must rely on their wits and constantly think several steps ahead if they wish to consistently come out of matches victoriously.

For draught lovers that don't want to purchase a cheaply made board, JDS offers only the highest of quality sets and features fast home delivery to get the perfect board to customers in a timely manner.

Whether a child playing their first ever game of draughts or a strategic mastermind perfecting their game, draughts remains a perennial favorite for players of all ages and skills.

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