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Travel Chess Sets

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Chess has long been known as the premiere game of strategy, cunning and careful planning. This mock war game attracts everyone from novices to grand masters who have spent their entire lives being enthralled by and studying the thousands of possible strategies, styles of play and outcomes inherent in every move of every piece.

For those that love chess, having a way to bring their favorite game on the road is an invaluable way to bring the competition anywhere.

Some travel chess sets can be cheap, plastic and metal magnetic affairs that look and play terribly, and any true chess enthusiast should not settle for a poorly made travel set when JDS offers beautifully crafted chess sets that look gorgeous and play beautifully. Not only are they a great option when traveling, but they look beautiful enough to have a permanent fixture in the home as they stack up nicely in comparison to their less portable brothers.

JDS travel chess sets are all of the highest quality standard and are shipped quickly to the home of any chess lover!

Folding Sets For the ultimate in portability, these folding chess sets are made of high quality wood that contain velvet holding places for each piece in the folded inside. The board itself is magnetic, allowing each piece to stay in place even when playing on a bumpy car ride. These boards range in size from sixteen inch sets that give a large playing field to five inch miniature sets designed for the ultimate degree of portability and playability.

Sliding Drawer Sets Instead of folding in half, these beautiful wooden boards feature drawers in the sides to hold the pieces. These solid sets will travel anywhere and are sturdy enough to be packed away without fear of damage.

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